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Last year, the former university lecturer, An Yanshi, has started planting his experimental 'panda tea' in a tea garden with about 100 tons of panda poop as fertilizer. Now the panda poo tea is officially released and available for purchase. The official name 'Panda Ecological Tea' is marketed as healthy and organic, and it is very limited - only 21 packages are available on the market. Each package weights 50 gram and costs 20,000 yuan ($3,000 for 1.7 ounces). Moreover, its inventor filed an application to Guiness World Records for the world's most expensive green tea.

The 'Panda Ecological Tea' has brought together the two things that China is best known for, green tea and panda. Citing scientific research, the inventor chose to use the poo of pandas because of their high nutritional value. The main food for Chinese Panda is bamboo stick and the leaves contain anti-cancer ingredients, this indicates that "panda tea" would have an anti-cancer effectiveness. An Yanshi said he hopes his brand of tea would push more people in China to look at innovative ways to save the environment. Despite this, some tea lovers were not impressed by his plans to sell the tea at such a high price, perhaps it might be just a hype.

We are wondering, if you’re going to drink this panda tea while eating the pee-soaked eggs, will you become immortal ? Chinese
food always have some unbelievable ingredients for your health.

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