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At CES 2012

Casio have previewed a G-Shock smartphone at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. The phone looks to have all the essential G-shock DNA with a rugged appearance and shock resistance. The new models looks to be a step on from Casios previous attempt at a rugged phone the G'zone.

Although only a pre-production prototype the phone appears to feature the following
*Android OS - we really hope they stick with Android!
*Shock resistant to 10 feet
*Water resistant to 1.0 bar = 10m !
*Pressure resustant to 1.0 bar
*Metal caseback
*Plastic / resin construction
*Camera and flash

Further pictures below, hopefully this will get a worldwide release soon, previous Casio offerings haven't been seen much out of Japan and the US.

Do you remember??

Gorgeous Zahia Dehar stars on the cover of V Spain Spring 2011 issue. Dressed in cute lingerie featuring frills and pink & white checks, Zahia faces photographer Sebastian Faena's lenses.

Zahia Dehar, the former child prostitute who is at the heart of a sex scandal rocking France, has finally spoken out about her lurid past. The French temptress, who is now 18, says she slept with three prominent French soccer players while she was underaged.

According to the Telegraph, Dehar says the soccer players paid รจ2,000 a night to sleep with her. She stressed that they all treated her "with utter respect."

It Has a Freakin' Chain Gun.

Earlier this year, Raptr ran a competition where famed case modder Brian Carter would produce a custom PC based on either Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3. He eventually went with the latter. And it's awesome.

The case features an airbrushed Battlefield image on one side, a massive crosshair intake fan, a drinks fridge on the other side (hidden in a first aid pack), giant military toggle switches to turn it on and a spinning chaingun.


wtf is this shit??

As fashion weeks go, Alta Roma is not exactly up there with Paris, London or Milan. But designers there know as well as any others that the best way to draw attention to your collection is to flash a lot of flesh. Gianni Molaro proved that breast is best at his controversy-seeking catwalk show yesterday.

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Three members of the Ukrainian activist group FEMEN took off their tops and demonstrated in front of the Congress Center hosting the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on January 28, 2012. The protesters lifted up signs which read, "Gangsters Party in Davos," "Poor Because of You," and "Crisis Made in Davos."


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Every third Sunday in January, the annual Camel Wrestling Championship is held in Selcuk, Turkey. The event is the culmination of months of matches that surround the sport of camel wrestling -- a tradition that traces its origins to ancient Turkic tribes over 2,400 years ago. Essentially, the sport puts together two bull (male) camels with a female camel. In response to the female camel being in heat, the two males battle it out by leaning on each other in order to push the other one down. If a male camel retreats, falls or screams, it loses.

It is estimated that there are 1,200 camel wrestlers (or Tulu) in Turkey, bred specially for competition. Contest organizers match the camels based not only on weight, but skills as well. There are camels that fight from the right and ones that fight from the left. There are ones that use foot tricks and ones that trap an opponent's head and sit on it. Some simply try to push the other out and make it retreat.
There is much preparation that leads up to the actual battle. The day before an event, a ceremony is held where the camels are decorated and marched through town, accompanied by music. It's a celebration that can come off as rather uninteresting to the average person. But for the many locals who do enjoy this spectator sport, excitement comes in the form of pure comedy when innocent bystanders run to avoid an angered camel running their way. According to Turkic tour guide, Burak Sansal, it's the best part of camel wrestling.

Because of rising costs to train and feed the camels, the sport is in heavy decline. Large bets and wagers are made mostly by owners and wealthy onlookers. According to Sansal, "how you tell just which camel won can be difficult to determine." And while sometimes both camels run away, so do the people who come to watch. What was once a widespread Turkic tradition, is now somewhat of a dying sport.

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Rich People..


What is SOPA? Why Everyone hates it?
SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act also known as H.R 3261, is a bill that was introduced in the US House of Representatives on 26th October 2011 by Lamar Smith. This bill expands the ability of U.S. law enforcement and copyright holders to fight online piracy, content theft, and duplication of copyrighted intellectual property.
The bill was not very much welcomed around the world considering the after effect that it would have on the way Internet. Many major internet giants like Mozilla, Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn has opposed the SOPA rigidly. To give a clearer picture of the issue, an organization backed by Mozilla, Creative Commons and Wikimedia has created this infographic below that shows the effect the bill could have on internet companies.

What happens if this bill is imposed?
*The bill allows US Gov to block Americans from accessing websites violating the law
*DNS Blocking will be used to censor websites and block them in the USA
*The same method is being followed by countries like China, Iran, Syria

What are the after effects of this on a webmaster like you and me?
*In case your website is blocked you will stop receiving traffic from the USA
*Majority of the ad revenue is from USA and Canada - This will disappear
*This will restrict the USA from seeing and hearing only what the Gov likes.

How does this technically Work?
*Gov orders all ISPs in the USA to block all websites in foreign countries that host illegal content, images, text or videos.
*Order Search engines to modify search results to comply to the law
*Order payment providers like PayPal to shut down payment accounts of such websites
*Social media censorship will come into effect controlling the freedom to share and express.
*In short, the world will be so very controlled through the internet and it will not be as easy and free to find information like in today.

How all can your website become DNS Blocked?
*User posted rouge links can get your site blocked
*If counter measures not taken your website will be blocked due to lack of action
*Quotes and snippets of duplicate content found elsewhere
*Any type of media violating copyright acts in the USA.
How can you Stop SOPA and register a conflict in Interest:

The Ripple of objection has started off like a nuclear wave

There has been a huge ripple of objection from common internet users, Internet companies and ISPs against the implementation of SOPA as majority of the companies has expressed opposition. Initially was one of the few huge names supporting the SOPA and the have already faced enough loss due to this statement as a result of mass boycott of their services by website owners. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Whales openly tweeted saying that they will be proud to move all their domains from and this was followed by a huge boycott of 21,000 domain names in one day from GoDaddy. Even several websites sprung up for the purpose of promoting GoDaddy boycott like and
Finally the drama ended by GoDaddy publicly announcing their withdrawal from supporting SOPA

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Hawaii was chosen as the location for building the largest telescope in the world, allow science look to the distance 13 billion light years and image imagine the early universe formed.

Thirty of the telescope mirror Telecope Meters (TMT) will have a diameter of about 100 feet (30.48 m), equivalent to the wingspan of a Boeing 737. Large diameter so to help build up the weak light beam broadcast 13 billion years ago to get this Earth. This means that the astronomers, when looking at telescopes this will see the image of the first stars and galaxies forming at the time about 400 million years after the big bang Big Bang .
In other words, "It will be partially revealed to us that the history of the universe, just like Charls of Blue, a spokesman of the group Thirty Meter Telescope Observatory. Proposed TMT telescope will be completed in 2018, is located near the volcano Mauna Kea inactive.

This volcano high as the 13,796 (about 4.205m), to help observe the clear bright sky 300 days a year. Isolated position in the Pacific make Hawaii less affected by air pollution. On the other hand, on the island only a few cities should not have artificial light obstructing the work observing the sky.
Along with Hawaii, Cerro Armazones summit in Chile were also included in a list of locations can build this telescope. But according to Richard Ellis, a professor of astronomy, California Institute of Technology also is a member of project TMT telescope, Mauna Kea is in the position higher than sea level, dry air over here Now and temperature variation is less than. These are the factors favorable to good use telescopes.
Telescopes will be the University of California, California Institute of Technology and the Association of University astronomy research building Canada. A telescope in the world's largest, active and located in Mauna Kea, but its diameter less than 3 times the TMT telescope. Telescopes are also not allowed to observe the planets are constantly orbiting the stars near Earth - a possibility that TMT telescope can do.
However, the title of largest telescope in the world of TMT will not keep long. By other partners, other European countries, intends to build an extremely large telescope with a mirror diameter of 138 feet (42m). Team building telescopes are located at building surveys in Argentina, Chile, Morocco and Spain. Venue construction will be key again in the works and expected to be completed in 2018. A group of other universities also plan to complete a small telescope with a mirror 80 feet (24.38 m) in 2018 at Las Campanas, Chile.

Rolf Kudritzki, Director Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii said that the position in the northern hemisphere will help Hawaii's telescope 30m TMT complementary to those of other telescopes in the Southern Hemisphere. And "all the world's astronomers will be delighted by the second principle of the largest telescopes now allow all observations cover the sky," said Kudritzi. However, decided to build telescopes TMT is still face unexpected opposition of the indigenous people of Hawaii and environmental groups.
With traditional native Hawaii, the mountain is sacred place, and the inviolability of the gates to paradise. Previously, only the chief priests and the newly come to Mauna Kea summit. This mountain is also the burial place of death. Now the Environmental Protection opposed the construction of TMT, embarrassed by it can cause damage to these species are endangered.

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Super bass

Besides the huge auto show going on in Detroit there are new tech goodies making their debut in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Italian luxury automaker Ferrari, has teamed up with Logic3, the long-time PC accessory and speaker manufacturer, to create a series headphones and speaker docks. There are no fewer than 13 new products in two collections, all Ferrari-themed, to bring out the racer in you.

Two ranges are available: the Ferrari Cavallino Collection, is influenced by the emotive driving experience of Ferrari's iconic GT road cars. It features the famous Cavallino Rampante (Prancing Horse) logo along with Premium textures and materials combined with superior finishes to create unparalleled luxury and beautiful aesthetics.
Meanwhile the Scuderia Ferrari Collection is inspired by the competition, speed, and technological innovation of the Ferrari F1 team, and takes its design cues from the sleek racing lines and iconic chassis features that make Ferrari cars so instantly recognisable and globally adored. It carries the Ferrari team badge.

The Ferrari range headphone come in both Cavallino T350 and Scuderia R300 flavors, each of them equipped with nose cancelling features and price tag of $460 and $390 in that order. In-ears have also been given the Ferrarri treatment, with the leather- trimmed Cavallino G150 and T150 ($250), and noise-isolating Scuderia S100 ($150) and Scuderia R100 ($170).
Four speaker docks are available, two in each range. The $750 Cavallino GT1 Air speaker dock has the most notable feature set: it sports a 2.2.1 speaker setup (that's two tweeters, two mids, and one 6.5-inch subwoofer) with a whopping 250 watts of total audio power, digital signal processing, a remote control app, and support for Bluetooth and AirPlay. The least expensive dock in the lineup is the $500 Scuderia FS1, which comes with a single 2.1 stereo speaker and subwoofer, 120 watts of total audio power, and support for Bluetooth (but not AirPlay). All of the speaker docks are compatible with the iPad and iPod, and can link to Android and Windows devices via Bluetooth.

The entire Logic3 Ferrari Collection will be available starting in April 2012, and online pre-ordering will begin soon.

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