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Hawaii was chosen as the location for building the largest telescope in the world, allow science look to the distance 13 billion light years and image imagine the early universe formed.

Thirty of the telescope mirror Telecope Meters (TMT) will have a diameter of about 100 feet (30.48 m), equivalent to the wingspan of a Boeing 737. Large diameter so to help build up the weak light beam broadcast 13 billion years ago to get this Earth. This means that the astronomers, when looking at telescopes this will see the image of the first stars and galaxies forming at the time about 400 million years after the big bang Big Bang .
In other words, "It will be partially revealed to us that the history of the universe, just like Charls of Blue, a spokesman of the group Thirty Meter Telescope Observatory. Proposed TMT telescope will be completed in 2018, is located near the volcano Mauna Kea inactive.

This volcano high as the 13,796 (about 4.205m), to help observe the clear bright sky 300 days a year. Isolated position in the Pacific make Hawaii less affected by air pollution. On the other hand, on the island only a few cities should not have artificial light obstructing the work observing the sky.
Along with Hawaii, Cerro Armazones summit in Chile were also included in a list of locations can build this telescope. But according to Richard Ellis, a professor of astronomy, California Institute of Technology also is a member of project TMT telescope, Mauna Kea is in the position higher than sea level, dry air over here Now and temperature variation is less than. These are the factors favorable to good use telescopes.
Telescopes will be the University of California, California Institute of Technology and the Association of University astronomy research building Canada. A telescope in the world's largest, active and located in Mauna Kea, but its diameter less than 3 times the TMT telescope. Telescopes are also not allowed to observe the planets are constantly orbiting the stars near Earth - a possibility that TMT telescope can do.
However, the title of largest telescope in the world of TMT will not keep long. By other partners, other European countries, intends to build an extremely large telescope with a mirror diameter of 138 feet (42m). Team building telescopes are located at building surveys in Argentina, Chile, Morocco and Spain. Venue construction will be key again in the works and expected to be completed in 2018. A group of other universities also plan to complete a small telescope with a mirror 80 feet (24.38 m) in 2018 at Las Campanas, Chile.

Rolf Kudritzki, Director Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii said that the position in the northern hemisphere will help Hawaii's telescope 30m TMT complementary to those of other telescopes in the Southern Hemisphere. And "all the world's astronomers will be delighted by the second principle of the largest telescopes now allow all observations cover the sky," said Kudritzi. However, decided to build telescopes TMT is still face unexpected opposition of the indigenous people of Hawaii and environmental groups.
With traditional native Hawaii, the mountain is sacred place, and the inviolability of the gates to paradise. Previously, only the chief priests and the newly come to Mauna Kea summit. This mountain is also the burial place of death. Now the Environmental Protection opposed the construction of TMT, embarrassed by it can cause damage to these species are endangered.

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