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Super bass

Besides the huge auto show going on in Detroit there are new tech goodies making their debut in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Italian luxury automaker Ferrari, has teamed up with Logic3, the long-time PC accessory and speaker manufacturer, to create a series headphones and speaker docks. There are no fewer than 13 new products in two collections, all Ferrari-themed, to bring out the racer in you.

Two ranges are available: the Ferrari Cavallino Collection, is influenced by the emotive driving experience of Ferrari's iconic GT road cars. It features the famous Cavallino Rampante (Prancing Horse) logo along with Premium textures and materials combined with superior finishes to create unparalleled luxury and beautiful aesthetics.
Meanwhile the Scuderia Ferrari Collection is inspired by the competition, speed, and technological innovation of the Ferrari F1 team, and takes its design cues from the sleek racing lines and iconic chassis features that make Ferrari cars so instantly recognisable and globally adored. It carries the Ferrari team badge.

The Ferrari range headphone come in both Cavallino T350 and Scuderia R300 flavors, each of them equipped with nose cancelling features and price tag of $460 and $390 in that order. In-ears have also been given the Ferrarri treatment, with the leather- trimmed Cavallino G150 and T150 ($250), and noise-isolating Scuderia S100 ($150) and Scuderia R100 ($170).
Four speaker docks are available, two in each range. The $750 Cavallino GT1 Air speaker dock has the most notable feature set: it sports a 2.2.1 speaker setup (that's two tweeters, two mids, and one 6.5-inch subwoofer) with a whopping 250 watts of total audio power, digital signal processing, a remote control app, and support for Bluetooth and AirPlay. The least expensive dock in the lineup is the $500 Scuderia FS1, which comes with a single 2.1 stereo speaker and subwoofer, 120 watts of total audio power, and support for Bluetooth (but not AirPlay). All of the speaker docks are compatible with the iPad and iPod, and can link to Android and Windows devices via Bluetooth.

The entire Logic3 Ferrari Collection will be available starting in April 2012, and online pre-ordering will begin soon.

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