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Natural disasters can hit us at any time, therefore the best way to avoid calamity is to be prepared for the disaster such as the Hurricane Sandy. With the purpose to help you keep safe and protected in disasters, Pond in Japan has developed a shapeship-like device dubbed the Life Armor.
Life Armor is a disaster shelter designed to protect up to four people inside a dome-shaped haven made from reinforced plastic. Made in two colors – blue and pink, the disaster shelter that can withstand up to 9.3 tons of pressure on its body, measure 1.2 meters in diameter and weighs in at about 80kg. Life Armor with handle for carrying on the rear, can manage a fall from 25 meters and can float on water, keeping the four people on board safe.
Life Armor has an entrance door that’s 60 cm, which makes entry into a cushioned urethane foam interior of the shelter easy. The disaster shelter features GPS and solar panels storage batteries for power with life jacket, waterproof megaphone and food for emergency, all in making the Life Armor a worthy disaster shelter.