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Canton Tower (with a height of 2001 ft/ 610 m) as its spectacular landmark. The incrediable Canton Tower, also named Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower, is ranked as the highest TV tower of the world, eclipsing Toronto's CN tower by 246ft/ 75m. Remarkably, It is also regarded as one of the most energy-saving and environmentally-friendly green buildings in the world.

Standing gracefully in the heart of the Pearl River landscape axis, the Canton Tower, also nicknamed “Supermodel”, offers an awe-inspiring experience for it visitors with its unique design and a variety of excellent facilities. Topping 610m height, the Canton Tower attracts visitors first by its enchanting exterior. Different from other male-featured skyscrapers, which are introvert, strong, straight, rectangular and based on repetition, the Canton Tower bears a female feature, being complex, transparent, curvy and gracious. It is divided into 5 zones: Shop ‘n’ Savor Zone A, Envision-Zone B, Discover-Zone C, Relax-Zone D, and Observe-Zone E.

Besides, Canton Tower owns the world’s highest Ferris wheel. Do you have guts to have a try?! At the 1480 ft/ 450 m high top deck level, the gravity machine will lift visitors another 35 meters up along the mast, from which they will be dropped back to the top deck. A marvelous falling of 485 meters will make you scream all your way!