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Erasing the boundaries of walls!

Modern architecture and contemporary design are all about creating a home that feels warm, unique, sleek, special and has its very own personality. While most minimalist designs and constructions employ in extravagant and generous use of glass, none could compare with the project ‘Glass Houses’ that is being contemplated by Italian design house Santambrogio Milano. The basic idea of these magnificent and ‘Hollywood-esque’ homes, is to ensure that the insides of the home become its natural surroundings and the mundane obstacles that the walls that surround us form are erased forever.

The lavish design of these glass homes will ensure that its residents will feel like they are living under the sky and in their surroundings without having to deal with the fury of the elements. One such home is slated to be built in snow- clad woods while other will take shape on a beach- both equally breathtaking projects. With its fairy-tale setting, the designers are faced with some real challenges like the all glass interiors, glass staircases, the three-story glass structure and the exteriors themselves.

While the pictures take your breath away, keeping this home clean, spotless and even intact could very well be a task as challenging, if not more, than the actual building of the structures. In any case, we would love to see them when complete- Narnia like!