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It may look like a $1.6million Bugatti Veyron – but this luxury sports
car can be yours for only $89,000.
A supercar nut has transformed his £1,000 Ford banger into this
stunning replica of the Bugatti Veyron – which is now on sale for
Petrol head Mike Duke, from Florida, spent nine months transforming
his Ford Cougar into a red and black imitation of the 1,000bhp

A specially-designed bodykit makes it indistinguishable from a
£1million Veyron and the interior has been re-styled and covered in
But the engine is the Cougar's standard 2.5 litre V6 model, meaning
its power falls well short of the 1,000bhp developed by the
Veyron's 8-litre powerplant.
This means 0-62mph in 8.2 seconds and a top speed of 140mph – a way
off the Veyron's 2.5 seconds and 253mph.
Mike, from Florida, said: "I wanted the million dollar look without
the repair bills, insurance and huge upfront cost.
'It drives smoothly without any issues and if there is ever a repair
issue I'm sure it will not break the bank.
'I'm very happy with the finished result and of course driving around
in the car gets more comments than you could ever imagine.
'I want to be careful not to call this car a Bugatti – it's a
re-bodied Ford Cougar.
'But it looks better than a Cougar, and while it's no Veyron, it's
still fast enough.' Mike won't say how much the conversion cost, but
it is thought to be more than £20,000 on top of his nine months of hard work.
He is now selling his pride and joy on eBay for $89,000.
Bugatti made just 300 Veyrons with the final model – a Super Sports
model – sold last month to a European customer for £1.5