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With the new edition of the New Apple MacBook Air 2011 tries to make
its catcher legs: Intel "Sandy
Bridge" chipset, new interfaces, and Mac OS X Lion are on board. Is
that enough for laptop lofty

What's New?
Apple improves the core of the slim New Apple MacBook Air 2011: One of
drives with 1.6 (11.6 inches) or
1.7 (13.3 inches) gigahertz clocked Core i5 processor, the 2011 model,
flanked by two gigabytes of RAM
and 64 gigabyte SSD harddisk (11.6 inches) or four gigabytes and 128
gigabytes of SSD in the important
large version. Intel Graphics Chipset HD 3000 takes care of the
graphical issues. Thunderbolt is the
interface forMacBook Pro and iMac and the MacBook Air port, the
13-inch model has an SD card slot.
Lion OS X is installed.

What stays the same?
From the outside has to be on the keyboard, now as in the Pro-brother
has a backlight, very little
changed: Screen size, resolution, weight, dimensions, battery life –
all the same. As before theApple
MacBook Air is made of aluminum and measure at the thickest point,
only 1.7 centimeters.

11.6 inches: Upgrades and prices
For US$949 you get the smallest model with 64 gigabytes of SSD and two
gigabytes of RAM, you still
can upgrade doubled more memory, the processor can upgrade to Core i7
with 1.8 gigahertz.

13.3 inches: Upgrades and prices
The large model of the Apple MacBook Air 13.3 Inches starts at
US$ $950.00 and has 128
gigabytes of SSD and four gigabytes of RAM. The doubling of the flash
drive with US$290.00 here
proposes to Beech, one upgrade is clocked at 1.8 GHz on the Core i7
also possible.

Assessment: Apple MacBook Air 2011
Thin is not just the Apple MacBook Air , but also the list of new
features. The greatest progress thanks
to the flask makes "Sandy Bridge" chip and touches so the cliche of
the pretty, but potent little notebook
from final. Thunderbolt, however, is likely to be understood as a nice
bonus, and the backlit keyboard is
more gimmick than selling point. And the additional hard drive and RAM
memory for Apple can be
gilded by higher purchase prices. Outstanding are used to form factor,
weight, battery power and
display – but that was the case as early as 2010.

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