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Qatar is constantly making news these days. The latest is this amusing
semi-submerged resort project aimed at protecting marine
area in the country's coast. Italian architectural firm Giancarlo Zema
Design Group is set to work on the $500 million Amphibious
1000. It will be divided into two sections of land and sea and will
accommodate residential buildings, offices, a central marine park,
floating walkways and underwater marine galleries. A central tower
will have a panoramic restaurant. The sea area will have four
semi-submerged hotels, each having 75 luxury suites positioned around
the perimeter of the building. The main lobby is centralized
and will have a display of sea life featuring water exhibitions
galleries, large aquariums, and a glass passageway leading to an
underwater observatory.
It will also host 80 floating suites called Jelly-fish with underwater
viewing decks looking out to an artificial reef bed. These can
accommodate up to six guests and will have five levels connected by a
spiral staircase. Levels feature a relaxation room, sleeping
quarters and bathrooms, kitchen and bathroom, guest rooms and
bathrooms and finally a private aquarium lounge. Guests can take
a tour of the resort on foot or electric vehicles.