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Trying to ape voluptuous 'femme fatale' Jessica Rabbit from the 1988 feature film 'Who framed Roger Rabbit?' a young Russian girl has now the dubious distinction of being the owner of the world's biggest lips. This she has achieved after a mind-boggling 100 silicone injections.

All of 22, Kristina Rei hated her thin lips as she felt it made her look ugly. So she decided to have it enlarged in similar fashion as her favorite cartoon character Jessica Rabbit at a rough cost of $6000.
A nail technician, Kristina concedes she has an addiction. Despite that, she still wants to go ahead and have her trout-like pout made even bigger. Each injection costs around 40 pounds and is 'extremely painful.' Yet that does not seem to deter Kristina who hails from St Petersburg in Russia. She insists nothing will stop her.
According to her she looks just fantastic and her new lips makes her happy. She discloses that sometimes on the streets, strangers call her names like 'big lips' but she says she does not care. She wants to go more ahead in this matter and look like her favorite cartoon character, to whom she is addicted and completely loves.

Earlier Kristina believed her lips were too small and would frequently compare it with those near her. Moreover even at school she was bullied for her looks. Her class-mates she says would call her "ugly". They never teased her due to her thin lips specifically, however she herself believed that having thick full lips would make her look beautiful.
Five years back as a 17-year old Kristina got her first silicone injection done at a local beauty parlor. Currently unattached, she recently reduced the frequency of the silicon injections to once every few months.
Despite being constantly gawked at by strangers, Kristina, who has never had a male friend, adores her weird appearance. She goes on to even declare that when she would be able to afford it, she would like to enlarge her breasts from a C-cup to a DD.Change the shape of her nose and make her ears sharper like an elf. "It's good to be different," she declares unabashedly.

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