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Samsung Electronics has announced on Friday that they will launch competitive smartphones that feature flexible displays/screens
in 2012, followed by other popular mobile devices including tablets.
The flexible display is made with OLED (Organic light-emitting diode) technology which is a type of the popular screen, LED (Light-
emitting diode). This is responsible for Samsung's flexible/bendable mobile devices which will be launched next year.

Samsung has revealed that the flexible screen technology was their
next best shot after the tremendous success they had from
Samsung Galaxy S II, a smartphone that runs on Android OS (by Google)
and was released on February 13th of this year at the
Mobile World Congress. Samsung Galaxy S II also sold over 10 million
mobile units in just five months after its release.
With the strong performance of Samsung's popular Samsung Galaxy S II
smartphone, there is no doubt that their new flexible/
bendable mobile handsets will create history and will change the way
we use our portable devices. We look forward to this new
OLED technology.
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