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Nobody in their right mind would invest in a totaled Ferrari. Then again, designer extraordinnaire Charly Molinelli probably doesn't have his head screwed right, which is usually a good thing in the design milieu. What he just came up with is a real nice addition to any off-kilter living room. As seen below, the agonized contours of a Ferrari that was probably an Autobot in its previous life (before getting mauled by Megatron) was further crushed and shaped to fit a box. That box was turned into a coffee table with a glass surface. So there you have it, a Ferrari in your living room.
What would really push the envelope, however, is if you kept human remains inside a coffee table. It's an odd touch to a living space that's more Damien Hirst than just plain stylish, but it's still quite shocking in its own right. Gross, too.
No information is available if this Crashed Ferrari Table is on sale. The finished product looks nice though. A welcome addition to complete the set is having those street sign chairs around for total irony. There's a whole gallery via the source link down south. Check it out to see how a heap of twisted metal became interior design