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The "Bubble Man" below is a Vishnu Chandra, 57, an Indonesian who has a strange disease. The whole body covered with bumps tomor makes him look like a balloon covered. Chandra began to suffer from this strange disease at the 19 and it starts on the face.After reaching to 24,that bubble spread to the back before finally covering the entire body at the 32 years old. Although he sounded very disgusting, Chandra his married at 33 and was the father of a 4 son.

After his body was filled with bumps, Chandra told his wife Nanik Tri Haryani to leave him. But Nanik refused and said

"See Chandra survive despite this disease indicates he is a brave and courageous man. I can not leave these courageous people"

True love and manly disorders! Chandra tired to treatment but doctors could not cure him. Every day he wore a mask and gloves to ensure that people are not disgusting to see. Now there was a new problem for Chandra. The two oldest children are already suffering from the same disease. He was not able to get treatment for them because they can not.