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Lady Gaga may have her "Little Monsters," but Justin Bieber's "Beliebers" have her outnumbered
on YouTube: The "Baby" singer who was first discovered on the video-sharing channel just hit a
record 2 billion views, beating out Lady Gaga's 2010 record of 1 billion, YouTube confirmed.
According to the social media tracking site Famecount, the teen idol received a massive 94 million
views on his channel last month, thanks in part to the huge popularity of the pop singer's new
holiday-themed single " Mistletoe," which snagged over 28 million views so far.
The teen heartthrob first found fame on YouTube back in 2007, when his mom uploaded videos
of the 12-year-old from Ontario, Canada. The videos quickly went viral and the singer became a
social-media star.
The now 17-year-old also holds the world record for most popular single on YouTube, with a whopping 650 million views to date of
his hit tune " Baby."
But don't count out Gaga. The diva still rules on Twitter, with 15 million followers (the Biebs has 13.9 million), and Facebook, where
she rocks over 44 million fans (eclipsing the teen idol's 37 million). The "Bad Romance" hitmaker is no slouch on YouTube, either,
with 1.8 billion views. For the record, R&B artist Rihanna comes in as third most viewed on YouTube, with an impressive 1.7 billion