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1. Reactivate and Refresh.Did you let your online dating membership
lapse at the end of the year? If so, reactivate
your profile. After
the first of theyear, a whole new dating pool of singles emerged
online. Some are first-timers to JDate®. If you
are already online, refresh
your profile with a new catchy screen name and photo. You
' ll be surprised who may find and like the new " you."
2. Be Proactive.If you have always been pursued instead of being the
pursuer, jump
out of your comfort zone and initiate an email introduction to at
least five singles whose
profiles you have viewed. Take a look at who has hot-listed or viewed
your profile and send
them an email. Remember to make it personal. Canned introductions get
deleted more often
than not. Chances are, they
' ll be flattered to hear from you. Double up on the number of
introductory emails that you sent last month and respond to twice as
many. Singles are more
open to connecting just before Valentine
' s Day.
3. Reach Out and Reconnect.Did you get too busy last year and miss out
on meeting
someone you started to communicate with online? Take a look in your
Inbox and find those
emails you found interesting, but never took the time to meet or
connect. Reach out and send
an email. If their profile is still online, assume they haven
' t met " the one " yet. It may be time
for a new beginning for both of you.
4. Wear Red.It ' s no secret that red is the color of love. If you are
female, wear a red
outfit on your dates in February and don ' t forget the lipstick. If
you are male, find the red tie
in your closet to make a lasting impression.
5. Accept Every Invitation.Pay close attention to your Inbox and those
you received via
snail mail and accept as many social invitations as you can. Even if
you don ' t meet Mr./Ms.
Right, you may end up sitting next to someone who has a friend to
introduce you to. Check
out the February
HurryDate ® events and find a speed dating event and RSVP. Singles who
attend these fun events early in the month are hoping to find a date
to be their Valentine.
6.When in Doubt, Eat Chocolate.Find your favorite chocolatier and
select a truffle or two. Dark chocolate is filled with
antioxidants that
are knownto be healthy for you (in moderation). You may even walk out
of the chocolate shop with a smile on your face
and bump into your
dream date. If you are dating someone you met online, pick up a simple
box of chocolates for Valentine
' s Day. Don ' t go overboard. A card and
some chocolate will make a wonderful impression on someone you recently met.
7. Finally, Cast a Wide Net.Even if their profile photo isn ' t what
you dreamed of, be open to the possibilities. You may make
a new friend
in the process or even find someone who is willing to lend a hand in a
business venture you are starting.