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Spring has sprung, and love is in the air ! Whenever the weather
starts getting warmer, we all start wishing we
had a special someone to spend
time with. Sometimes,it can be tricky to find – and get!– that great
guy you ' ve been wishing for. So, here are
my top twenty tips on making a
guy fall in love …
1. Be yourself …
All ofmy tips will give you tricks and ideas, but I mean for them all
to be enhancements of who you really are, not make
you into someone
' re not.If you ' re fake, it doesn ' t matter if you get a guy to
fall in love with you, because he won ' t really be in love with
the real you. So, my
first idea is to always be myself, no matter what, so a guy likes me for me.
2. Optimize your appearance …
Whenever I' m trying to be more attractive to someone, I always
optimize. Now, this doesn ' t mean I starve myself to
look thin, buy tons of new
clothes, or get a dramatic hair cut. Instead, I just try to make
myself look my best. This means a cute outfit that emphasizes
my best features,
combed and fixed hair, a little makeup, a clean bright smile, and a
spritz of light perfume.
3. Listen, listen, listen …
Guyslove to talk about themselves, and they think a girl who actively
listens to them is so charming. So, I always listen
more than I talk when
I was trying to attract a guy. Talk about yourself, current topics,
news events, etc about 20% of the time, and let him control
the conversation
about 80% of the time.
4. Laugh a lot …
Guys are drawn togirls with a great sense of humor , and I think humor
always begins with a lot of laughter. So, I always
tried to laugh a lot
and be easy to please when I was trying to attract a guy. If I want a
guy to fall in love with me, I make sure to laugh and all
his jokes!
5. Have a great attitude …
Inmy experience, guys like girls with cheerful, sunny dispositions. No
one likes to hang out with a pessimistic, negative
person. So, I always try
to look on the bright side of life and be a
" glass half full " person when I ' m trying to catch a hot guy .
People always tend to look my way more
often and gravitate toward me when I ' ve got a smile on my face!
6. Be sweet …
Sometimes, I can be catty … all girls can be. When I ' mwith my
girlfriends, we ' ll gossip or trash some other girl for being
rude or trashy, but that ' s
not a nice way to act. And, let me just tell you, I ' ve learned that
this kind of behavior doesn ' t attract guys. Boys are drawn
to girls who are
sweet and don ' t gossip, so keep cattiness and snotty comments to
yourself around your new guy .
7. Flirt …
Some of my friends usedto think flirting was beneath them, but I ' m
telling you – it works. Guys just love to be showered
with attention and
treated like a king. So, toss your hair a little bit, throw your head
back and laugh, grin a lot, and look up and him from under
your eyelashes.
Even those these old tricks might seem tried and true, they
' re tried and true because they actually work!
8. Be different …
Trying to be unique and different is a way I ' ve always tried to
interest guys. I don ' t want him to think that I ' m just like all
the other girls out
there… instead, I want to be seen as charming, witty, and smart. So, I
don ' t talk about all those same old topics, like
school gossip. Ask him
about how he feels about current events or newsworthy stories and show
him you ' re worldy!
9. Be witty …
As I said before, guys like a girl with a sense of humor. Thebest way
to show you value humor is to laugh at his jokes, but
I always try to
crack a fewjokes myself, too. Guys are drawn to girls with a funny
side, and theres nothing that draws two people closer
than sharing a laugh.
So, I always bust out a few comments or funny one-liners when I'm
trying to draw a guy to me.
10. Initiate physical contact …
Guyslove physical touch, and touching someone is a quick way to
develop intimacy. So, when I ' m trying to attract a
guy's attention, I will look
for ways tobring physical touch into play. For instance, I touch his
arm lightly when I'm laughing at a joke, or I'll slap him
on the knee playfully
if he says something funny, or I' ll touch his hand while I'm
explaining something.