Please, don't tell your mom about this blog.


1.First and foremost be authentic . Don ' t be afraid to show your
personality. To stand out,be yourself and do
your best to add
value toyour community . Your followers will be drawn towards an
authentic voice. Soon your business will
grow in the
2.Avoid self-promotion , this will only scare people away. Instead
concentrate on building relationships by actively engaging
in natural conversations.
3.Be approachable , genuine and respectful. Treat others the way you '
d want to be treated.
4.Engage with your followers. Take the time to get to know those who
follow you, learn who they are and what interests
them. Read the stream and respond to anything that you find
interesting, re-tweet, answer questions, acknowledge their
This will start to build a community around you and your brand.
5.Be personable . Provide a personal connection by creating a fun and
inviting profile with a nice picture/background.
6.Reach outto those you follow as some of them may have not noticed
you. Let them know you ' re there; get noticed.
can be easily accomplished by re-tweeting their awesome content,
adding them to one of your lists or tweeting them
7.Stay upbeat and positive . No one likes drama, badmouthing or plain
negativity. This doesn ' t mean that you should be
something you are not but with every tweet you have a choice. Be
positive or stay away.
8.Respond to mentions and DMs.Don ' t ignore .
9.Give and you shall receive. RT others as you ' d expect them to RT
your content. Offer help, provide useful information
guidance. Be there for your people and they will return the favor when
you are in need.
10.Don ' t be boring . Entertain, be funny, be snarky, be real.
11.Be multidimensional . Don ' t just tweet about marketing only
because you are a marketer. You are so many more things.
Tweet aboutyour hobbies, kids, that funny thing that happened to you
this morning, anything that your followers might
interesting. One-dimensional tweets are boring.
12.Follow people and conversations relevant to your niche . This will
help you grow your skills, expertise and your business
13.Grow your community by connecting people with one another. Make
introductions, support and coach others.
14.Talk less,listen more.
15.Get to know your audience, their wants and needs, to understand
where your business needs to grow. Only after you
what is it that people are looking for, you can give it to them.
16.Numbers mean nothing. You are better off having 20 true friends
that 2000 strangers who care nothing for you.
17.Always seek out new people to connect with.
18.Take those online relationships into offline friendships.
19.Never tweet anything you wouldn ' t want your mother or your boss to see.
20.Don ' t spam !