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1. Don ' t feel ashamed about changing your mind:
If you are one ofthose people who care too much about what others
think, you may be concerned that getting
back with your ex
will draw disapproving looks or words from those
close to
you. You may think that they will see you as wishy-washy or weak.If
thesetypes of thoughts haunt your mind, I suggest you take a deep
breath and muster up the courage to ignore those
After all,are those people the ones who are now in an unsatisfactory
relationship or who are spending cold, lonely nights
away for that special someone? NO, that would be YOU!So, since this is
your life and not theirs, push any notions about
others out the window and focus on what will make you happy.
2. Focus on your love rather than your problems:
As you start thinking about your past relationship seriously again, it
will be natural that your past issues with that person will
to the forefrontof your thoughts. While it is advisable to be aware of
what caused the relationship to go sour in the past, it
more helpful for you to focus most on the love you feel (or have felt)
for that person. As the
law of attraction
tells us, we manifest
in ourlives what we think about the most passionately and the most
frequently. So, start thinking about any love you still
feel for
that person: you just may find that it will grow even bigger than before.
3. Make sure that the feeling is mutual:
As you become more committed to falling in love again with your ex,do a little
to be sure that the feeling is at least
potentially mutual.Look for any signs that he or she still thinks
about you and wants you back.Of course,when you start
seriously in your efforts to makeit work again, you will want to hedge
your bets that you will be met with a receptive heart
the other end!
4. Pay attention to the things you have in common:
Once you contact your ex and start
with him or her again,be sure to focus primarily on the love you have in
common. And, focus on the things you have in common, as well: the
memories, places you have visited, and interests you
share. It
is these common
bonds that serve the love in our lives the most. Find a way to build a
new life for the two of you around those
things that you both cherish and value and keep your eyes on what will
be, not what was
5. Take it slow and be determined to make it work:
Life not always like a fairytale.Rather,we all face real
challenges,issues and constraints with which we must deal every day.
Your effort to rekindle your love with likely hit some bumps in the
road from time to time.That is okay.Keep at it,and have
in your heart that it can work again.Visualize it working in your mind
' s eye,and then take the necessary steps to
make it happen in your lives.
Falling back in love with your ex requires the full cooperation of
your heart,mind and body.Focus on what matters to you,
visualize making itwork, and then keep at it until you achieve your
goal. By taking the right steps, you just may be back in
his or
her arms in no time!.