Please, don't tell your mom about this blog.


1.Be true to yourself.There are many lonely people in the world and
for a lot of them,having a partner is a way
to escape the
loneliness.The question is... is this really what I want? The answer
can be yes or no. What works for some
doesn ' t necessarily work for
others. Thething is, if you feel comfortable with someone and they
bring joy to your life, then respect that as a positive.
Suck it in and
take care of it.
2.Talkto your Friends .Confiding in good friends can take a huge
weight off your shoulders and provide you with info/
solutions that
you maynot have thought of.Good friends always look out for their kind
so don't be afraid.If you have people in your life
that you
trust, then trust them and ask for help.If you don't have close
friends to talk to,contact a counselor or even your doctor. Or
you can
lookin the press for up-coming events that may offer opportunities to
meet new people.Be creative, be yourself,get out
more and
experience the joy of meeting people.
3.Be Calm. If you've been in love before and it didn't work out,
chances are that you are pissed off, right!? The solution is
simple but so
manymen fail to see it. The answer is...just let go.Allow the wounds
to heal.Talk to your ex. Try to encourage positive
without argument. If something is said that you don't like... let it
go! If you can do this it will put your adversary off guard
and you will
always win. Let it go!
4.How's your Love Heart?What sort of person are you? Inspect yourself
from an outsiders point of view.It is a sad fact that
80%of the population that bully people are in denial.They literally
don't believe that they are imposing their values on
inspect yourself with an open mind. Be as critical of yourself as you
dare. Look at yourself from a 3
person prospective! Hard I know,
but veryrewarding if you follow the rules.I'm not suggesting for a
minute that you may be a bully in your relationships.
Knowledge is
power so I suggest you read on.
5.How do you get back into the dating game after your break-up?
Hmmm. Aninteresting question.I have experienced the " break-up blues "
just like you and it is painful. This is the way I
deal with it.It
may not be your cup-of-tea but it works for me.
I just STOP dating
for a couple/few months and instead, work on myself. Getting stronger,
fitter,more control, appreciate myself more,
see yourself as valuable.Then, and only then do I go out looking for
passion and intimacy. The really important issue is DON
TILL YOUR READY! Sounds simplistic? Just try it and see. Your body and
mind will tell you when you're ready. And when
you are ready.
6.Keep an open Mind
Never comparea new lover with past ones. Each person is unique and
should be appreciated for their individual qualities.
Comparing or
dwelling on old flames will only cause anguish and torment. The best
way to kill a new relationship is to dwell on the past.
7.Make yourself more interesting
Timeto think about re-inventing yourself. Avoid superficial
conversation and activities. By going a little deeper you make
yourself more
interested and more interesting. Your date will soon pick up on this
and only positive outcomes can result.
8.Open your heart and mind to others
Spreadaround your love and concern for others.It is the law of natural
attraction,the more you give,the more you get
about friends and family who are lonely or need love in their world.
Many people who are successful in love and life use this
on a daily basis. Try it and you will find that in no time you will
receive back what you put out 10 fold!