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Everyone wants to fall in love. Falling is the fun part. Staying
around after the crash landing can be tricky.
Relationship experts say the key to staying in love is to being
willing to work at it. If this sounds like work, that's
because it is. But everything
good in life takes a bit of work. And if you aren't willing to put in
the work it takes to build a successful relationship, then you
don't deserve it
in the first place.
Staying with the gardening metaphor, communication is the best
fertilizer for your relationship. Taking time to
communicate and listen to your
partneris critical if you want your relationship to thrive. "Couples
expect that they'll get to a place where things are
predictable and stable. But
things will always change, and that's what makes the relationship
exciting and alive," says Piver.
1. Communication
Every dayeach and every one of us changes slightly. In ten years you
will be a completely different person than you are
right now. And that
happens one day at a time. One major pitfall people fall into is
feeling like they don't "know" their spouse anymore. And the
antidote to this is
simple: make time to communicate.
2. Eye Contact
Ifyou're having trouble coming up with things to talk about, simply
take time and hang out in the same room as your
spouse without leaving
to do something else. Maintaining eye contact is another pitfall. Next
time you find yourself on the verge of a communication
simply look into one another's eyes. This nips 90% of the minor
hiccups right in the bud.
3. Action
Thethird major no-no people frequently fall into making is waiting for
the other person to change. If you want a better
relationship, take it
upon yourself to make a change. Just like the Beatles said, "the love
you take is equal to the love you make."