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A modern society needs and modern toys - an innovative, high-tech. Therefore, designers Kyle Bean and Thomas Forsyth proposed for the magazine Computer Arts brand new format of children's cubes. Instead of the traditional, familiar from childhood cubes with pictures and the alphabet, today's children will be able to play new ones, in the form of wooden icons for a wooden phone iPhone.

Designers decided that since children from infancy enter the world of high technology, and the first toy of a child could easily be no rubber Pups, but a computer mouse, the world must adapt to the needs of most small man. And since all the best - to children, then the basis for the innovative set of children's blocks lay a stylish, sleek design gadget from Apple.
Wooden blocks of a set of look to a tee as icons in the iPhone, as they are inserted in a carved wooden frame, which follows the appearance and shape of the body cell phone. This makes the design of maximum precision, sophistication and believability. Every single one of the cubic-"icons" can be taken out of the box, "the body" and change places, as these icons are moving on the desktop of real device.

Unfortunately, the wooden iPhone is not designed for mass production, and was made exclusively for a photo shoot for the cover of Computer Arts. However, if the sponsors feel that they are interested in the new sample box of cubes grows, it is possible they would enter mass production of the original toys. Issue a magazine with a wooden iPhone cover planned in December this year.

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