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Company Abyss Creations (Southern California) specializes on the production of "the world's best silicone lovers",and make them at a full size.
The price of each of them is of $ 7, 000 "ONLY"... Feel lonely?? just get it !!

Only this?? Absolutely no!!
Click HERE for full NSFW pictures..

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  1. I love these dolls ... I'll buy one for me ... I love are beautiful ...

  2. Anonymous says:

    The device known as "Her Man-Cane" would be black in color, 9 inches long, 9 centimeters wide, with 9 different vibrating functions.. . Some functions would be:. . "Sexual Harassment". . "The Bialek". . "The Uzbecki-becki-becki-stan-stan-stan" (the vibration is so powerful it causes you to stutter). . "You're the same height as my wife" (oral function). . . And many more..
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