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A second proposal for the reuse and design of a silo on the island of zeeburgereiland, 'siloo o' by dutch practice NL architects is an indoor and outdoor world-class venue for climbing and mountaineering in amsterdam, the netherlands. while the team lost the initial competition for the project back in 2009, plans for an office building was abandoned for one of the three silos which created a new opportunity for the realization of the earlier scheme. the updated design features extrusions on its facade to provide outdoor overhangs as well as balconies.

Located adjacent to one another on a rectangular plot, the 42m-tall design is wrapped in a triangulated exterior which has been manipulated to create moments of extension. the silo was intentionally approached as a sculptural object to make transparent the individual identity and program of each storage tower. as the structure rises, the triangular motif results in glazed apertures, creating windows with views of the surrounding site.

The interior climbing space is a tapering cave which rises to a height of 20 meters. natural daylight is gained through a large window while an opening at the top leads in to the boulder room. the higher storeys accommodate office space for sports and climbing-related businesses. to create cohesion between the three autonomous structures, the plot is transformed into a continuous green carpet which has been raised at certain points as a three-dimensional park. ground-level boulders and playground surround the foot of the building, providing a dynamic public realm for the neighbourhood. other facilities such as a bar, library, information center, travel center, and a showroom are located on the ground level.

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