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Rainbow's leader Jae Kyung is well known for her beautiful face and perfect proportions (Secret Garden's Kim Joo Won would probably consider her his ideal type). When Rainbow returned with a darker concept, fans loved her new more mature look.

With Brown Eyed Girls' hit "Abracadabra," the group introduced the "adult idol" image to K-Pop with Ga-In taking the spotlight (she tries to seduce you all throughout the video¿). Her copious use of eyeliner and love of tiny outfits gives her an alluring air.

Wonder Girls' Yubin is usually introduced one of two ways¿the rapper or the sexy rapper. Wonder Girls may have a wholesome image but Yubin's presence gives the group a completely different feel with every concept.

BoA's stage presence is unbeatable. She doesn't need revealing costumes or scandalous choreography to be talked about. She uses her love of unique make-up, powerful songs and instantly classic dances instead.

Park Bom gives 2NE1's hip-hop/R&B/pop image a sexy edge¿especially on stage. Her trademarks include her long hair, thick eyeliner and micro skirts. Even though there were a few controversial articles about the length of her dresses, mini-dresses are always a plus!

HyunA's dancing skills are well-known but it's what she does with the choreography that landed her on this list. Does the hip thrusting dance from "Change" or the spread leg dance from 4minute's "Mirror Mirror" ring a bell? HyunA takes revealing dances and makes them downright scandalous.

After School's leader Kahi has height and perfect features but it's her enviable abs that has most girl groups begging her for her secrets. It's not just her looks that make her so sexy - she stands out with just her presence even in a group of nine.

G.NA may have just made her debut but she's been all over the news and on variety shows due to both her vocal talent and her famous body. Her glamorous body is usually the subject of her interviews and she's insisted she's all natural more than once. Cue the CM offers!

The best dancer in Girls' Generation may be Hyoyeon, the member with the most aegyo, Sunny, but when it comes to the sexiest member in Girls' Generation, it's hands down¿Yuri. Were you just as mesmerized during her scenes in "Hoot," and "Tell Me Your Wish?"

Lee Hyori's name is synonymous with sexy. She's won best bikini body on more than one poll, her Cosmopolitan shoots spread like fire once they're out and her eye smile is her biggest asset. How can you argue with this?

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